Give the gift of health this Diwali

During this time of festivities it can be all too easy to over indulge in too many of the sweet dishes that have multiplied in numbers for the celebrations, which can mean that by the end of the festival your waist has gotten at least a little bigger.

However it is possible to survive the celebrations without gaining weight, and still being actively involved in all the celebrations. One idea to help you spread the gift of health instead of calories is to give the gift of a candle instead of sweets when you go to visit friends and relatives.

If you do need to satisfy your, or your families, sweet tooth then here are six tips to help:

  • Make sure that you only buy what you will reasonably eat if you buy more, then you will eat more just because they are there!


  • Only buy one or two types we eat more, the more variety there is, so don't provide too many choices.
  • Stay clear of those treats that are soaked in sugary syrups, these can be real diet killers.


  • Watch the portion size make portions smaller, but not so mini that you end up eating more!
  • Avoid deep fried treats try to bake them instead if making them at home. The taste is slightly different, but baking cuts the fat dramatically. For example you can bake dough-balls for dishes such as Gulab Jamun. Place the dough-balls on baking paper and then bake in a hot oven for about 6-8 mins, before giving a very light coating of sugar syrup.


  • Make some healthier treats with little or no added sugar fruit is a great way to add natural sweetness. Below is a recipe for Blackcurrant and Rosewater mousse that has no added sugar, and would work with most types of berries. Serve this up in small shot glasses for a perfectly refreshing treat without the additional calories of sugar sweetened treats.

And remember to keep active why not add a family walk each day into your festival activities an activity that could become part of your everyday habits once the festivities have ended! J

Have a happy and healthy Diwali.

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