Pizza - Making Pointers

For perfect pizzas- follow these foolproof tips.

Homemade dough takes just 15 minutes to make but at least 2 ½ hours to rise. if you won't be able to tend to it ,mix up a batch in the morning and let it rise slowly in the fridge (8 to 12 hours). Dough balls can be wrapped separately and frozen for up to three months. To shape the dough, pat it flat with your hands . Pick up the dough and rotate your hands around the edge to create a circle. Place the round over the tops of your knuckles, and pull gently to stretch it into a 10 -to 12 -inch pie. Continue until you've stretched it very thinly - that's what it crispy. (If it breaks, simply pinch it together with your fingers.) You will find the recipe for the home made dough here on my website.

Place the dough of on to parchment paper and put a dollop of sauce in the center. Start with less then you need - otherwise your pie will be soggy - and use the back of your spoon to distribute. If using pesto, simply dot spoonfuls around the dough.

If using delicate greens like spinach, start with those. Otherwise, sprinkle a layer of cheese first, but go easy so the other ingredients shine. Next add any fresh herbs , seasonal produce , and proteins you like . Drizzling olive oil over fresh vegetables will ensure they roast nice. You can also turn left overs into toppings; try cooked greens, veggies and cooked meats (sprinkle with a little more cheese so they don't dry out during baking).

Some tips and suggestions:

  1. Think of the pizza as a blank slate for what's in season and use that for a topping.
  2. Try mixing various varieties of cheese for improved flavors.
  3. Innovate on the toppings. Do not add too many at a time or all the flavors get lost.
  4. Remember to add a protein in the topping as well.
  5. Fresh greens work very well on pizzas. Try baby spinach leaves, mint, basil, even coriander!
  6. Brush the pizza with a little olive oil as soon as you take it out of the oven. It prevents the pizza from drying out and adds on to the flavor as well.
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