Master Classes by the MasterChef

Would you like to attend one of the Master Classes by the MasterChef?

MasterChef Pankaj shares her secrets with you in her Master Classes. The Master Classes are -Practical, Fun, Creative, and of course - Delicious! You are guaranteed to learn loads of wonderful recipes which are full of nutrition and also come out with a mind loaded with new ideas and information. MasterChef Pankajís recipes are simple yet high on taste factor. Her knack for teaching and dealing with all queries leaves all happy and eager to learn more.

Cooking classes and events are available for corporate clients as well.

The Master Classes are conducted in a lot of cities across the country! Email us your details and we will inform you when there is a workshop in your city.

If you would like to be a coordinator and organize workshops in your own city, you can reap the benefits too! All you need to do is contact us!

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