Journey in Master Chef India

From an amateur cook to MasterChef India, the journey has been amazing! It all started with a simple SMS and then a phone call. From there to the Lucknow auditions and then finally a call to the Mumbai auditions. My Drums of Heaven with Stir fried Veggies in Fried noodles Basket got me a ticket into the top 40. From there to Karjat for the Boot Camp was a journey filled with lots of apprehensions for I had quit a 16 year old job to try myself and my luck. I did not know whether I would finally be able to make it to the top 11 or not , yet I had taken the biggest risk of my life!"

Nothing makes me happier than playing with spices and their colorful accompaniments. This tryst with food began at the age of 12 thanks to my parents who were excellent cooks themselves. I inherited this love for food from them. I was further encouraged by my family who have become my greatest source of inspiration. For more than 25 years now I have been pursuing my passion in the kitchen and enjoyed every moment of it."Win, I did – over my apprehensions, over my hurdles and the judges as well for I got what I aspired for and was one of the finalists of Master Chef India! Thanks to my indomitable faith in the Almighty, I never learnt to be afraid of what awaited me. I knew that if this is where He had steered me, this is the course he had charted for me in my life. And with this belief, I started my journey in the MasterChef kitchen. Each task in the MasterChef kitchen brought before us a new challenge which got tougher and tougher with each passing day. The Mystery box challenge had BHOOT JHOLAKIA, the hottest chili in the world along with the ingredients which made the weirdest combination. The First TEAM TASK had a strong set of individuals working together who failed to come together as a team. The lesson was well learnt and the DHABA TASK turned into a brilliant victory. Cooking for the first family of Bollywood- the Kapoor's, the honour of cooking for the Maharana of Udaipur , the emotionally charged moments where we met our families, The one time that I wore the Black apron as I fought for my survival with an injured elbow, Chef Rohit Gambhir's appreciation, pairing with Joe to become the first semifinalists, becoming the first finalist of the show and , the first one to move to the top two Chef Abhijit Ghosh's approval, The highly appreciative comments of the judges when I had presented my final dish of the show – each day , each task, each moment shall remain etched in my memory forever.


» Chicken curry with peanut butter
A smooth nutty flavored Chicken curry

» Tango Punch
The citrus combo is jazzed up with the dash of Vodka in this punch!

» Kuttu pakodas (Buckwheat fritters)
Crisp fritters with potatoes and Colocassia

» Drums of Heaven stir fry in a basket
Batter fried Chicken legs served with stir fried vegetables in fried noodle basket and hot sauce

» Jaan-E-Maan with Saffron Rice & Salan
A traditional Awadhi dish dug out from the secret kitchens of Awadh

» Flaky Salmon with rye bread
Feel free to substitute salmon with any firm white fish and the rye bread with multigrain fish.

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