Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka Recipes

» Almond and Yam Cutlets with Rose Syrup Granita
A delicious yam treat to delight everyone.
» Sesame Seed & Sweet Potato Rolls with Tangy Tomato Sauce and Star Anise Fried Rice.
Taste and health go hand in hand in this little used ingredient.
» Muesli Cake with Fruit Glaze
A healthy muesli cake made for the calorie conscious.
» Chicken Mole with Mexican Rice
Chicken cooked with chocolate but not sweet at all !
» Quick fix Pita Sandwich
Paneer stuffed pita sandwiches with a pickled twist
» Tawa Subzi Struddel
An Indian twist to the Struddel
» Turkish Pizza
A vegetarian version of the pizza with an Indian pickle flavor.
» Aloo Cake with Gobi Sauce and Chilli Jam
A Mediterranean twist to our favorite potatoes and cauliflower
» Desi Fondues
Fondues with Indian Flavours
» Kale Chane Ka Kebab with Mint Curd
Vegetarian kebabs made of Bengal gram.
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