Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka Recipes

» Chora Faari Crispy Kamaal
White Bean Pate with beet wedges and orange supreme served with Chora Fali.
» Stuffed Sheermal with Chakrafool Honey Glaze
A sweet version of Lucknow’s famous saffron flavored bread
» Aloo Gosht
The dish that got Karim’s going !
»  Baklava
The world famous dessert from Turkey
» Lamb Sambousek
Meat filled Mediterranean pies
» Chana Kabaab Laajawaab
A healthy chickpea kebab
» Anjeer Surprise
Baked fig wraps and kewra smoothie
» Khubani Kebab with Teekha Tez Chutney
A wonderful combination of Awadh’s famous vegetarian kebabs with the South Indian Gunpowder Chutney.
» Jaan-E-Maan with Saffron Rice & Salan
A traditional Awadhi dish dug out from the secret kitchens of Awadh
» Suhana Shorba - Asparagus Shorbha with Chili Bread
A smooth Asparagus soup
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