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» Egg Biryani
Fragrant Basmati Rice Cooked with spices and eggs.
» Mirch Ka Saalan
Hyderabadi special green chilies in thick peanut, sesame based curry.
» Pav Bhaji
Popular Mumbai roadside snack- mix vegetables served with buttered pav bread.
» Filo Baskets
Filo sheet cups filled with peppers and corn.
» Chicken Cutlet
Crumb coated fried chicken breasts
» Til Ladoo
Sesame Jaggery balls– a winter special
» Mutton Korma
Mutton on bone in a creamy rich brown curry.
» Seekh Kebabs
Mince Meat Kebabs on Skewers.
» Focaccia
Italian bread with toppings.
» Kalonji Naan
Onion seed flatbread
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