Side Dishes Recipes

» Navratri Special Bharwan Lauki
Stuffed bottle gourd
» Stuffed Tomatoes
A low cal option that pleases the palate as well.
» Masala Baked Eggs
A yummy egg and spinach baked dish.
» Raw banana koftas
Raw banana dumplings in toato gravy
» Kuttu ki kadhi
A yoghurt and buckwheat flour curry with dumplings
» Cheese Makkai Cake
An Indian version of the North African Polenta.
» Steamed cuttlefish & prawns with vietnamese-style coleslaw
If you find cuttle fish messy or can’t find it at all, feel free to use squid instead. Frozen squid rings (kalamari) is easily available these days.
» Spiced Baby potatoes
Baby potatoes in a spicy masala mix.
» Grilled Aubergine Parcels
Bundles of tomato and mozrella in an aubergine wrap.
» Sweet and Sour Onions
A continental side dish of whole onions.
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