Fusion Recipes

» Chicken curry with peanut butter
A smooth nutty flavored Chicken curry
A good combination of lime and kiwi!
A perfect summer cooler!
» Sesame Seed & Sweet Potato Rolls with Tangy Tomato Sauce and Star Anise Fried Rice.
Taste and health go hand in hand in this little used ingredient.
» Quick fix Pita Sandwich
Paneer stuffed pita sandwiches with a pickled twist
» Turkish Pizza
A vegetarian version of the pizza with an Indian pickle flavor.
» Desi Fondues
Fondues with Indian Flavours
» Masala Baked Eggs
A yummy egg and spinach baked dish.
» Chora Faari Crispy Kamaal
White Bean Pate with beet wedges and orange supreme served with Chora Fali.
» Dil E Bahaar Gajar Mousse
A Carrot Mousse with a sweet heart of rasgulla!
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