Indian Recipes

» Til Ladoo
Sesame Jaggery balls– a winter special
» Mutton Korma
Mutton on bone in a creamy rich brown curry.
» Seekh Kebabs
Mince Meat Kebabs on Skewers.
» Coconut Rice
A coconut tempered rice dish from the southern tip of India.
» Tofu Palak ke Baked Kofte
A healthy low calorie tofu & spinach dumpling in curry base.
»  Dry Masala Chana Dal
Split Bengal gram cooked with spices and tomato puree.
» Miloni Tarkari
A Medley of vegetables in a spinach sauce
» Kurkuri Bhindi
Crisp Deep Fried Okra
» Tandoori Fish
Fish marinated in line and ginger and cooked over an open fire
» Shahi Tukda
Deep fried bread squares served with thickened sweetened milk, also known as Double ka meetha.
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