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» Kaju Tacos
A fancy Diwali Sweet with an interesting Cashew & Milk chocolate Stuffing.
» Sunset Mocktail
The hues of a setting sun in your glass!
» Khoya Paneer
Paneer cubes in a khoya and tomato based curry.
» Mirchi Poppers
Cheese stuffed fried Jalapeno rings.
» Hasselback Baby Potatoes with Herbed Sour Cream
Finely slit potatoes baked to perfection served with sour cream.
» Boti Kebab Korma
Marinated mutton cubes cooked with spice pastes in thick smooth curry sauce.
Vermicelli cooked in ‘Kemam’- Sugar syrup-a must in every household on Eid.
» Fried Chicken
The all time favorite American style fried chicken
» Eggless Chocolate Brownies
An eggless version of the favorite brownie served best with Vanilla icecream and Chocolate Sauce
» Chocolate Lava Cake
Dense chocolate cupcake with a molten chocolate centre.
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