Holidays & Celebrations Recipes

» Navratri Batata Wada
Deep fried batter coated mashed potato balls
» Vrat Ka Dhokla
Dhokla made of Sama rice
» Saboodana Dosa
Vrat Special Dosa made using Sago pearls and Barnyard millet
» Navratri Special Shahi Paneer
Fried Paneer in Creamy Cashew Gravy
» Pav Bhaji
Popular Mumbai roadside snack- mix vegetables served with buttered pav bread.
» Filo Baskets
Filo sheet cups filled with peppers and corn.
» Fish Moily
A Malabar fish curry in coconut milk based gravy
» Thandai Mousse
A mousse with an Indian flavor or the cooling ‘Thandai’
» Christmas Salad
A Christmas salad that reflects the spirit of the festival!
» Focaccia
Italian bread with toppings.
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