Kitty Parties Recipes

» Pav Bhaji
Popular Mumbai roadside snack- mix vegetables served with buttered pav bread.
» Filo Baskets
Filo sheet cups filled with peppers and corn.
» Italian Cocktail Crostini
Contrasting flavors on a stick make an ideal party starter
» Nutella Braided Brioche
A flower shaped brioche layered with Nutella
» Doughnuts
Easy eggless doughnut recipe
» Apple Cinnamon Wontons
Fried wontons stuffed with cinnamon flavoured apple dices
Simple yet impressive cones.
Chocolate covered ice cream balls for a delightful treat.
» Mixed Berry Dream
A healthy dessert that rates high on taste as well!
» Egg (no meat) Kebab
A healthy no meat Kebab that satisfies your taste buds besides being nutritive.
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