Navratri Recipes

» Motia pulao
Samai rice with pearl shaped balls.
» Condensed milk coconut ladoos
Coconut balls with condensed milk
» Kulhad ki Kheer
Samai rice and dry fruit kheer served in earthen bowls.
» Lauki ki kheer
Bottle gourd and milk pudding
» Lauki ka halwa
Bottle gourd halwa
» Navratri Special Bharwan Lauki
Stuffed bottle gourd
» Lauki ki Barfi
Bottle gourd fudge.
» Stuffed Tomatoes
A low cal option that pleases the palate as well.
» Saboodana Khichdi
A sago preparation much like a pulao or pilaf
» Cucumber Raita
A yoghurt and cucumber salad.
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