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» Citrus Squash
The perfect summer cooler
» French Toast with Fruit Compote
A sure success with kids and adults alike. You can also do this with whole wheat or white bread as well for people who are gluten tolerant
» Mango Classic Sandesh
A classic Sandesh flavoured with Indian mangoes but without any added sugar - just right for those with a sweet tooth, so indulge your taste buds!
» Berry Fusion Sandesh
A dessert with a difference, flavoured with the goodness of summer berries but no added sugar at all - safe indulgence for the health conscious!
» Whole Wheat Chilla
A sweet power packed variation of the maalpua minus the calories
» Raw banana fritters with chili dip
A crunchy snack that goes well with a chili dip.
» Spiced Baby potatoes
Baby potatoes in a spicy masala mix.
» Stuffed
Grilled battis served with cheesy mashed potatoes and sweet tomtato chutney.
» Baby corn fritters
Ajwain flavoured baby corn fritters.
» Bread cups
Brown bread cups filled with chicken and topped with egg yolk.
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