Winter Ingredients Recipes

» Sesame Seed & Sweet Potato Rolls with Tangy Tomato Sauce and Star Anise Fried Rice.
Taste and health go hand in hand in this little used ingredient.
» Quick fix Pita Sandwich
Paneer stuffed pita sandwiches with a pickled twist
» Whole Wheat Chilla
A sweet power packed variation of the maalpua minus the calories
» Stuffed
Grilled battis served with cheesy mashed potatoes and sweet tomtato chutney.
» Bread cups
Brown bread cups filled with chicken and topped with egg yolk.
» Palak Paneer Mousse
A brand new take on the good old palak paneer.
» Gilaoti Tarts
Traditional Awadhi gilaout kebabs served in tart shells.

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