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Chicken from my Kitchen

Chicken From My Kitchen

Chicken From My Kitchen is an attempt to introduce the varied Indian cuisine with one ingredient enjoyed the world over – chicken. The growing desire worldwide to taste Indian cuisine is opening the doors of many Indian restaurants and pepping up the sales of many cookery books. People are increasingly experimenting with Indian food and, on visiting India, they go back as fans of the variety that our tables offer.

Not only is the North-Indian non-vegetarian dinner table is dominated by the presence of poultry, chicken has traditionally been popular in all parts of the country. Additionally, increasing concerns over the use of red meat by health-conscious people has made poultry the preferred choice.

Chicken From My Kitchen is dedicated solely to cooking chicken the Indian way! And the question then arises – what exactly the book would have as its contents?

With a total of 54 chicken-centric recipes, the book not only includes all the well-known ones like Chicken Tikka, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Chettinad etc. but also has some of Pankaj’s own with the quintessential Indian tadka!

Pankaj’s own creation, Chicken Butter Masala, which was approved by the Cambridge University and MRC, UK, and went on to become a great hit in Cambridge and London is one of the main features of the book along with easy-to-do, healthier versions of many popular dishes.

Publishers: Bloomsbury India

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