Tamarind Chutney Image

Tamarind Chutney

Sweet Tamarind and Jaggery Chutney


  • 1cup Tamarind
  • 1½ cup Jaggery
  • 1tbsp Raisins
  • ½tsp Black salt
  • ½tsp Red chili powder
  • ½tsp roasted Cumin powder
  • ½tsp Red chili powder
  • ½tsp nigella seeds
  • ½tsp fennel seeds
  • 1tsp oil


  1. Soak the tamarind (without seeds) in two cups of warm water for half an hour.
  2. Extract pulp and strain to remove fiber.
  3. Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed pan. Add the fennel seeds and nigella seeds.
  4. When the seeds turn fragrant, add the tamarind pulp and jaggery.
  5. Cook on low heat. Wash and pat dry raisins.
  6. Add raisins, salt, black salt, red chilli powder, roasted cumin powder and dry ginger powder.
  7. Simmer the chutney on low heat till the chutney acquires a glazed look.
  8. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Store the chutney in an air-tight container.
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